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The tool to repair Windows 7 startup

Windows 7 does not start anymore? Think about the tool System repair (System Repair) !   Startup Repair is a system recovery tool that scans your PC for startup problems and repairs automatically errors that prevent Windows 7 from starting correctly. This tool is found in System recovery options, accessible …

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Convert MBR disk to GPT on Windows [10, 8, 7]

This tutorial explains how convert an MBR disk to GPT with or without data loss.     Why convert MBR disk to GPT? Converting a disk to GPT is useful in more than one way ! First, using the GPT partitioning table allows you tooverride the limitations now disabling MBR. …

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delete a user account (6 methods)

This tutorial explains how delete a user on Windows 10 thanks to 6 different methods. It doesn’t matter if this user account is a local account or a Microsoft account, the procedure is the same. Did the Crab help you? Help him back by disabling your ad blocker! (thanks for …

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automatic connection (without password) at startup

This tutorial explains how you connect automatically to Windows 10 without password. Did the Crab help you? Help him back by disabling your ad blocker! (thanks for the pinch ) By default, to log into Windows 10, you must close the lock screen and then enter your user account password …

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Troubleshoot sihost.exe unknown hard error

After an update to Windows 10, the user session has difficulty starting.Errors sihost.exe unknown hard error are displayed which prevents the operation of Windows 10. This article helps you resolve these sihost.exe unknown hard error errors This could be the result of a Windows 10 update that went wrong.To solve …

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Tutorial Kaspersky Trial

Here is a tutorial on Kaspersky Trial antivirus. The purpose of this tutorial is to guide you to install the trial version of Kaspersky in order to clean your computer of any infection. This tutorial will not describe all the features available on this antivirus. Tutorial Kaspersky Trial Installer Kaspersky …

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