15 Cute Animals Who Fall In Love With Taking Selfies

Nowadays animals know how to take better selfies than we humans, and the following 20 pictures are the best proof. 

1. We should smile our best smile when taking selfies. 

2. Look what I did while you were at work.

3. BFF selfie time.

4. This Emu is definitely not a coward.

5. Don’t disturb me when I am taking a selfie. 

6.  Hello, wake-up beauty.

7. I am sexy and I know it. 

8. Exactly what you look like when you finally get a night out with the girls. 

9. When I take a selfie, I take it seriously. 

10. He’s behind me, isn’t he?

11. When the dog wants to take the selfie while the cat wants to do nothing with it. 

12. How do I look?

13. No matter what, just smile. 

14. Hollywood, here I come. 

15. Is that what I look like? Selfie?

16. But first let me take a selfie. 

17. A big laugh is the trick of taking the best selfie. 

18. No one laughs, it should be a cool selfie. 

19. Face up to have a longer neck. 

20. Such a shame not to share it with the world when I look so cute and gorgeous.