SrtTrail.txt error during automatic repair of Windows 10


SrtTrail.txt is the log file that is created by the automatic repair of Windows 10. You should especially see it when the automatic repair is looping on Windows 10 and the blue screen “Automatic repair could not fix your PC” appears. poster.

This log file is important because it contains all errors encountered when starting Windows 10. By analyzing these errors, you will be able to identify the source of the problem and correct it so that Windows 10 starts again correctly.

In this tutorial we will see how read this log file StrTrail.txt in order to find the file (s) responsible for the Windows 10 crash.


When you start your PC, you get a blue screen (BSOD) indicating that the automatic repair has failed and a StrTrail.txt log file was generated:

Automatic Repair could not fix your PC

Click “Advanced Options” to try other PC recovery options or “Shut Down” to shut down your PC.

Log file: C: WINDOWS System32 Logfiles Srt SrtTrail.txt

Take the next step to find out how read this StrTrail.txt file from that blue screen.

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Read the contents of the StrTrail.txt file

  1. Click on Advanced options.
  2. Click on Troubleshooting > Advanced options > Command Prompt.
  3. Enter the following command to view the contents of the StrTrail.txt log file:
    type C:WindowsSystem32LogFilesSrtSrtTrail.txt
  4. The results of the various tests performed by the automatic repair of Windows 10 are displayed. Spot the test who failed and identify the responsible file (s) of this failure.
  5. Take the next step.
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Fix StrTrail.txt errors

  1. If everything is OK, you will get the message:
    Cause initiale trouvée :
    L'état du démarrage indique le système d'exploitation a correctement démarré.

    In that case, restart your pc. Windows 10 should start correctly.

  2. If any errors are found, you will get a message like this:
    Cause initiale trouvée : 
    Le fichier critique de démarrage C:EFIMicrosoftbootresourcescustombootres.dll est endommagé.
    Action de réparation : Réparation de fichier
    Résultat : Echec de l'opération. Code d'erreur = 0x4005
    Durée = 1094 ms

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