The tool to repair Windows 7 startup


Windows 7 does not start anymore? Think about the tool System repair (System Repair) !


Startup Repair is a system recovery tool that scans your PC for startup problems and repairs automatically errors that prevent Windows 7 from starting correctly.

This tool is found in System recovery options, accessible from a Windows 7 installation USB key or from the Advanced Startup Options.

Startup Repair can fix startup problems caused by the following problems :

  • Corrupted registry.
  • Missing or damaged system files / drivers.
  • Corrupted MBR, partition table or boot sector.
  • Corrupted file system.
  • Installing problematic or incompatible drivers, service packs, or fixes.
  • BCD (Boot Configuration Data) (store storing boot information) corrupted.
  • Defective memory or hard drive (detection only).

A log file containing diagnostic information and repair results is generated here: C:WindowsSystem32LogfilesSrtSrtTrail.txt.

Here’s how to use the Startup Repair tool to repair Windows 7 startup :

  1. Access to System recovery options Windows 7.
  2. Click on Startup Repair.
  3. Wait for Windows 7 Startup Repair.
  4. If errors are found, click on the button Repair and restart to make repairs and restart your PC.
  5. If no errors were found, you will get the following message: “The system restart tool did not find a problem”. You can click on View diagnostic and repair details for a summary of the actions performed by Boot Recovery. Click on Finish then restart your PC.
  6. After restarting the PC, check if Windows 7 starts correctly.
  7. If Windows 7 still does not start: restart Startup Repair a new time. Sometimes you have to run the tool up to 3 times and restart the PC every time to fix the boot problem.

Congratulations! You repaired Windows 7 startup using the Startup Repair tool. ?

Yes the boot problem persists, I invite you to follow all the solutions presented in this article:

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