ShellExecuteEx error on Windows 10


On Windows 10, when running or installing an application, a erreur ShellExecuteEx is displayed.
An error code 2, 5 or others may appear which leads to different problems.
For example, ShellExecuteEx failed; code 5 indicates access denied.
While the code 2 gives “The specified file could not be found”.

Here are some solutions to fix these ShellExecuteEx errors on Windows 10.

Erreur ShellExecuteEx – code -2


ShellExecuteEx error on Windows 10

Execute as administrator

First, try to run your application with an administrator token.
This can work if the ShellExecuteEx error affects a particular application.

The procedure to follow is as follows:
Right click on the application shortcut then run as administrator

Launch an application as a Windows 10 administrator

If this fixes the problem, you can force administrator execution by right-clicking on the shortcut then properties.
Then click on the Shortcut tab then at the bottom right on Advanced.
Finally in the new advanced properties window, check the option “Execute as administrator“.

Launch an application as a Windows 10 administrator

Recreate user session

The proposal and method presented is not viable in the long term, especially if the ShellExecuteEx error is displayed on many applications.

To make sure that the problem is not related to a corruption of the user session, try to create a new one.

To do so, follow the article: How to add or create an administrator user on Windows easily

If it works on the new user, transfer all your data to that user and delete the old one.

Uninstall protection software

If you really can not achieve anything and the ShellExecuteEx errors persist: try to uninstall your antivirus and all protection software including MBAM.

Other solutions

Windows Repair

Windows Repair also sometimes helps with connection problems.
Download and launch the software then click on the Open Repair tab.
Click on Present Common Repair then Go to start the repair.

Follow the tutorial: Windows Repair Tutorial

Windows Repair Tutorial: How to Repair Windows

Repair Windows 10

Finally if nothing works, you can try to repair Windows 10.
The following article explains how to do it: How to fix Windows 10 without losing data.

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