Troubleshoot sihost.exe unknown hard error


After an update to Windows 10, the user session has difficulty starting.
Errors sihost.exe unknown hard error are displayed which prevents the operation of Windows 10.

This article helps you resolve these sihost.exe unknown hard error errors

Troubleshoot sihost.exe unknown hard error

This could be the result of a Windows 10 update that went wrong.
To solve this, you will have to try:

  • repair windows 10, you do not lose installed applications or your documents. This repair is a bit more complicated to follow, since you don’t have access to much on the desktop, as a lot of Windows components are crashing.
  • to reset Windows 10 (simpler) or completely reinstall Windows 10 (Part of workarounds). In both of these cases you will NOT lose your documents, they will be moved to the Windows.old folder. On the other hand, you will have to reinstall your software and games and re-configure them.

The following paragraphs explain how to do this.

Create a new administrator user and repair Windows 10.

To overcome sihost.exe unknown hard error, we can try to repair Windows 10.
As you probably don’t have access to much because of these errors and the internet is not working.
You will probably need to create installation media from another computer.

Try to create a new Windows user.
The goal is to check if from this new user, the sihost.exe error no longer appears.

To create a new administrator user, follow the following article with the netwpliz command: how to create a new user on Windows 10.
Add this user to the administrator group so that the latter is administrator.
Then identify yourself on this new user.

Do Windows 10 Repair Without Data Loss: How To Fix Windows 10 Without Data Loss
The principle is to download the ISO file of Windows 10 and launch the setup.exe
If on the planted computer, the internet is not functional, you must create a USB key from another computer.
You just have to insert the USB key into the planted computer and launch the setup.exe

If the setup.exe from the Windows 10 disk does not start due to explorer.exe errors (Hard error etc).
Try to run the setup.exe like this:

  • Launch Windows Notepad from the Start menu> Windows Accessory> Notepad
  • On the notepad, click on the open menu then open the Windows 10 disc.
  • At the bottom right, position on “all files *Troubleshoot sihost.exe unknown hard error.*”
  • Right click on setup.exe then run as administrator.

Troubleshoot sihost.exe unknown hard error

After repairing Windows 10, you should be able to use Windows 10 again.

And if nothing really works, you will have to reset Windows 10 or reinstall it.

Reset Windows 10

You can then try to reset Windows 10.

Start on advanced system recovery options by method 1 from this page: Windows advanced recovery options.
The principle is to restart on the page where you are asked for the password, with the icon at the bottom right and while holding the shift key.

If you do NOT get to the window where Windows asks for passwords, because blocking or crashing before …
Turn off the computer twice while Windows is loading.
It will be repaired which will also give access to advanced system recovery options.

From Troubleshoot you can then try to Reset Windows 10 (this keeps the data but removes the applications).

Reinstall Windows 10

Finally, if nothing works, you can reinstall Windows 10 from scratch.
The goal here is above all not to FORMAT during the process so as not to lose your documents and files.
On the other hand, the applications will be deleted, they will have to be reinstalled.
After reinstalling Windows 10, the documents will be in the Windows.old folder.

To do this, use our tutorial which details the entire Windows 10 installation process: How to install Windows 10

The steps to install Windows 10 are roughly:

  1. Create Windows 10 installation media from a working computer.
  2. Boot the computer to the installation media
  3. Accept the license agreement
  4. On the installation type page, choose Customize: install Windows onlyReinstall Windows 10 without losing data
  5. During the Windows 10 installation process, select the primary partition to reinstall Windows on it, you can either:
    • format partition to delete all data and start from scratch
    • Install a new Windows on top of it, your old data will be moved to the Windows.old folder and so you don’t lose any data.Reinstall Windows 10 without losing data
    • Reinstall Windows 10 without losing data

To prevent future problems in the future, whether software or hardware.
You are advised to make backups of your documents: Windows 8/10: save your personal documents

Note that it is also possible to back up Windows with your applications, in order to be able, in the event of a crash, as is the case, to put everything back in 15 minutes.
The principle is to create a system image.
For more information, read our file: How to create a Windows system image

Our links and articles on backups: Backups on Windows.

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