21 Funny Pics That Prove Cats Don’t Need Beds

Cats love sleeping more than anything, and they spend half of their life on it. But they are rarely picky about their bed. Trust me, you don’t need to prepare a bed for your cat at all. Here are 20 photos that will convince you not to bother with a bed.

1. A mid-sized glass can be a bed for a kitten

2. So is a hat.

3. Or a boot

4. A round glass bottle is kinda ok, but the question is how is he going to get out?

5. The flat side of an empty egg box, which shows a cat’s true intelligence.

6. Or a broken printer.

7. A bowl.  

8. One of your shoes. (« This shoe fits, so I sit, any problem? » – reads in cat’s eyes)

9. Your bag.

10. An old box.

11. Or a pot, anywhere you can think or can’t think can be as their bed.

12. Size won’t be a problem because they are soft and flexible enough to almost anywhere. For example, take a look at this:

13. Or this:

14. Even this! (Plant a seed in the spring, and you will harvest a cat in the Autumn.)

15. If you still want to provide cat with a bed, you should know what’s gonna happen: too small

16. Or relatively small, no size is quite right.

17. So give up trying a real one and respect their nature, unless you can be more creative than them.

18. But let it go, I know it’s hard.

19. What you can do is to prepare more flower pots.

20. More Boxes

21. As well as more shoes and blankets, and that’s the best place for the cat. If you still want to buy a real bed for your cat, I can’t save you, really I tried! But you see cats sleep in weird places, and that’s a fact.