Transfer your Android photos to your PC via Bluetooth


Tired of pulling out that old USB cable to transfer photos from your Android smartphone to your Windows PC? Do you want to be free and send any file from your smartphone to your PC whenever you want?

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Then Bluetooth technology is your gateway to happiness. ?

I’m not going to make you the affront to explain to you what Bluetooth is, you already know it. Wireless personal network technology, Bluetooth makes it possible to transfer data from one device to another, without cables. I just told you that I was not going to explain it to you but I just did it … Anyway!

In this tutorial, we will see how to transfer files from an Android smartphone to a Windows PC using Bluetooth with ease!

Even if you have a different mobile (iPhone) or a different operating system (Windows 7, Windows 8.1, etc.), don’t worry, the method is essentially the same.

Transfer Android files to PC via Bluetooth

Step 1: activate Bluetooth on the PC (Windows)

First step, activate the Bluetooth connection on the PC:

  • On Windows 7 : after installing the Bluetooth drivers on your PC, Bluetooth is permanently active, you do not need to activate it manually.
  • On Windows 8 : open Settings> Change PC settings> Wireless> Bluetooth and click the Bluetooth button.
  • On Windows 10 , follow these instructions: how to turn on Bluetooth on Windows 10.

Step 2: activate Bluetooth on the smartphone (Android)

To activate Bluetooth on your phone , do the following:

  1. Swipe down from the status bar to open the notifications panel.
  2. Press the Bluetooth button .
  3. It’s good: Bluetooth is activated on your smartphone.
  4. Go to the next stage.

Step 3: pair PC and smartphone

Once Bluetooth is activated on both the Windows PC and the Android smartphone, we have to pair them:

  1. On your Android smartphone, open Settings .
  2. Go to the Bluetooth section .
  3. Your PC should appear in the Devices section . If not, click the Refresh  button to search for nearby devices.
  4. Once your PC is detected, click on its name (PIERRE-RENNES in the screenshot below) to start  pairing .
  5. An association request window opens with an association code . This ensures that it is your smartphone that requests the connection to your PC.
  6. Click the Connect button .
  7. Return to Windows. An Add Device notification should appear. Click on it.
  8. The PIN code of the device requesting the connection is displayed. Make sure it is the same number as the one displayed on your phone. If so, click Yes .
  9. It’s good: your PC and your smartphone are now linked via Bluetooth .
  10. You can delete the pairing at any time by clicking on the Delete device button . You can also do it directly from your mobile.
  11. Go to the next stage.

Step 4: Send Android files (photos, videos) to PC

To send files from our Android smartphone to our PC, we have to put Windows in the “receive files” position .

You cannot send files from your Android smartphone if Windows is not in this “receive files” position.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. On Windows 10, go to Settings then click the Send or receive files via Bluetooth link .
  2. Click on Receive files .
  3. You can also do this from the notification area . Click the arrow to display all the icons in the notification area.

    Then right click on the Bluetooth icon and select Receive file .

  4. Windows is now waiting for a connection , ready to receive data.
  5. Return to your Android smartphone. Select the files you want to send and press the Send button .
  6. Press the Bluetooth button .
  7. Then select your PC by clicking on its name.
  8. On Windows as on Android, the transfer of your files begins .
  9. And now, your files have been transferred from your Android smartphone to your PC !

Congratulations! You have transferred your Android files, photos or videos to your Windows PC via Bluetooth. ?

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