Rescuers Were Heartbroken When A Homeless Pup Refused Their Help

Yankee, a stray poodle, who was living on the streets of Los Angeles, suffering from hunger and the threat of death, never thought of being loved. By the time rescuers from Hope for Paw offered a helping hand, he refused to even leave the alley. When the people realized why it broke their hearts…

No one knows where Yankee came from and no-one is sure how long he’d been living on the streets. One thing was for sure: he was out there day and night fending for himself and struggling to find scraps of food to eat.

He was seen by locals often loitering in the alley. They would even sometimes bring him some food. But gradually, he started to refuse to eat anything and seemed in poorer condition.

Locals found the Yankee needed urgent help and they asked for the assistance of Hope for Paws. When the rescue team arrived, they confirmed that Yankee had lost hope.

But volunteers didn’t want to give up on Yankee. They first tried hard to get a leash around his neck and walk him away from the alley. Things were going smoothly, but that was only the first step.

Being afraid that he would likely attempt to retreat into the alley, the volunteers quickly scooped him up and carried him towards their rescue vehicle.

Yankee was a bit apprehensive at first when he was loaded into the cage, but once he settled in, he opened up a bit…

The rescuers first brought Yankee to see a local veterinarian. Luckily, he hadn’t suffered any serious injuries and had just developed severely matted fur. A good bath was needed. Then the veterinarian pointed out the problem that Yankee was suffering from.

He had severe trust issues, which they believed were caused by a lack of affection and socialization. This was the likely reason why he was so hesitant to be rescued in the first place.

Yankee was pretty shy and subdued around the staff of the animal hospital at the very beginning, but things were improving with each day that passed. He gradually started to change.

Yankee began to warm up to the people who were caring for him and was eventually deemed well enough to be released into foster care via the Rescue From the Hart organization. It was there that he met a young boy who wanted to adopt him and give him a permanent home.

Yankee’s overall demeanor improved in the process of living with his new BFF. He displayed his athletic ability, smiling and running around the backyard.

He was finally thriving in his new foster home. He loved to play and could even be carried around. He became more and more sociable and learned to get along in his new foster family.

Although he is enjoying his time with his new temporary family, he is still looking to find a loving forever home. Yankee has come a long way from the defeated state he was initially discovered in.

Yankee’s story shows that many stray animals have the ability to flourish with the proper love and care. His amazing demeanor change is what brings a smile to any animal lovers face.