4 alternatives to Windows Notepad


Notepad has been Windows’ default text editor for over 30 years. Simple and easy to use, it is nevertheless quite poor in functionality despite the recent updates made by Microsoft.

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Are you looking for a simple, lightweight alternative text editor?

On this page, we will see the 4 best alternatives to Notepad (Notepad) de Windows.

This selection contains simple, light and fast text editors just like Windows Notepad and which – as their name suggests – make it easier to take notes thanks to the features that one would expect in 2020: tabs, line number, automatic line break, spell correction …

Alternatives to Windows Notepad

N°1 : Notepads

Notepads is a modern and light text editor with a minimalist design.

Based on the observation that most text editors are too heavy or too old, Notepads was created with the aim of offering an extremely fast and modern text editor.

If you are looking for a text editor simple and pleasant to use, choose Notepads.

  • Fluent design
  • Tab system
  • Incredibly fast and light
  • Can be launched from the command prompt or PowerShell by typing: notepads or notepads %CheminDuFichier%
  • Support for multi-line writing
  • Preview of Markdown files
  • Differences viewer (to see the modifications made)
  • Instant save of current session
Settings> Personalization in Notepads

Notepads shortcuts:

  • Ctrl + A / T : create a new tab
  • Ctrl + Tab : switch from one tab to another
  • Ctrl + Num (1-9) : quickly switch to the specified tab
  • Ctrl + + / - : zoom in or zoom out
  • Ctrl + 0 : reset default zoom
  • Ctrl + L / R : change the direction of the text (LTR / RTL)
  • Alt + P : preview Markdown file
  • Alt + D : display the difference viewer

Notepads is currently in the development phase but can be used on a daily basis.

Some limitations are currently present:

  • You will not be able to save files in the system folders (Windows, System32…)
  • You will also not be able to open potentially dangerous files (.cmd, .bat…)
  • Large files are not currently supported, the maximum file size is currently fixed at 1 MB

Notepads is a UWP application to install via the Microsoft Store or via winget:

winget install notepads

Download Notepads

N°2 : EditPad Lite

EditPad Lite is a powerful and ultra-versatile text editor with lots of features that make text editing more practical on a daily basis.

If you are looking for a text editor complete with the most features, choose EditPad Lite.

EditPad Lite
  • Tabbed interface for working with multiple files
  • Automatic backup system and backup options that prevent data loss
  • Unlimited Undo / Redo for all open files, even after saving
  • File browser
  • Support for heavy files and long lines
  • Spell checker
  • Syntax highlighting for many types of files
  • Statistics to instantly see the number of paragraphs, words and letters
  • Support for text files using Windows, Linux or Mac encodings and line breaks
  • Full Unicode support, including complex scripts and RTL scripts
  • Powerful search function with support for regular expressions
Preferences> Save Files in EditPad Lite

EditPad Lite is free for personal use.

Download EditPad Lite

N°3 : TED Notepad

TED Notepad is a “Swiss Army Knife” text editor that aims to be as simple as possible.

No cumbersome toolbars or sidebars, but a simple, neat interface with a bunch of features, settings, and text transformation tools just waiting for your keyboard shortcuts and mouse clicks to be used.

If you are looking for a text editor simple, light and powerful, choose TED Notepad.

TED Notepad
  • A real Swiss army knife for your texts and your code: case conversion, withdrawal, quote, tabulation, deletion of empty lines, deletion of duplicate lines, translation of characters, word wrapping…
  • Powerful search and replace function (support for regular expressions)
  • Advanced automatic completion
  • Smart clipboard
  • Line numbers, new lines visible
  • Undo / Redo on multiple levels
  • Automatic backup, recovery and backup of files
  • Template for new files
Settings > File dans TED Notepad

TED Notepad is intended for advanced users who have special needs in terms of text writing. To discover its true power, you will have to learn to master it. But once you have it in hand, you will not be able to do without it!

Download TED Notepad

N°4 : Notepad3

Notepad3 is a fast and light text editor. It consumes very little memory, but is powerful enough to handle most tasks.

It’s a alternative interesting to the text editors that we saw previously.

  • Word auto-completion
  • Conversion of character encoding between different formats (ASCII, UTF-8 and UTF-16)
  • Line end conversion: DOS (CR / LF), Unix (LF) and Macintosh (CR)
  • Undo / Redo on multiple levels
  • Syntax highlighting for many file formats
  • Powerful search and replace function (support for regular expressions)
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