CounterSpy Tutorial and Guide


CounterSpy is an excellent anti-spyware by the software publisher Sunbelt. Sunbelt is also the editor of the famous free Kerio firewall: Tutorial and configuration of Kerio Firewall.


    You can download CounterSpy from this download page
    This version is currently in beta version, which means that it is not finalized, it is not currently advised to use it.
    You must also register to download this version.

    • Execute the freshly downloaded file
    • Welcome to the installation program, click on the button Next to go to the next step

    Tutorial et guide CounterSpy

    • You must then accept the license to use, Click on the button I Agree
    • Click on the button Next to go to the next step

    Tutorial et guide CounterSpy

    • You must indicate in which folder CounterSpy will be installed, by default it offers you the folder C:Program FilesSunbelt SoftwareCounterSpyConsumer
    • You can modify this path using the button Browse
    • Click on the button Next to go to the next step

    Tutorial et guide CounterSpy

    • Copying files is then ready …
    • Click on the button Next to go to the next step

    Tutorial et guide CounterSpy

    • When the copying of files is finished, you get the window below

    Tutorial et guide CounterSpy

    • Once the copy is finished, click on the button Finish to complete the installation.

    Tutorial et guide CounterSpy

    Assistant de configuration de CounterSpy

    You can start CounterSpy from the Start menu / Programs / SunBelt Software / CounterSpy / CounterSpy
    At the first start, the configuration wizard is launched to configure the software.

    • Click on the button Next to go to the next step

    Tutorial et guide CounterSpy

    • You can register the software by clicking on the button Register CounterSpy Now, this allows you to keep the definition of spyware up to date. In case you plan to use CounterSpy only to clean your computer, you can skip this step.
    • Click on the button Next to go to the next step


    During the first start, CounterSpy updates the definition of spyware.
    When the download and installation is complete, click the button Close

    CounterSpy is then started. In the top part, an icon bar is available horizontally, you can navigate through the various options of the software from there.

    In the main window, you will find the classic information, namely:

    • The last scan carried out with the elements detected on the right side.
    • At the bottom left, the possibility to configure automatic scans.
    • At the bottom right, the date of the definition of spyware.

    To start a scan of your computer, simply click on the Scan now button on the software home page.
    The scan then starts:

    • Top left, you can view the item being scanned
    • Bottom left, the last infectious elements detected.
    • On the right, statistics on the progress of the scan.
    Tutorial et guide CounterSpy

    Active Protection checks the files you download and run on your computer. If the latter is potentially dangerous, an alert window will open (see below) to warn you.

    You can then stop the execution of the program by clicking on the button Block.
    If you are sure that this program is not dangerous, then click on the button. Allow.

    L’option Rember this action allows you to record the action for the said file, if you replay this file later, CounterSpy then performs the same operation (allow or block).

    Tutorial et guide CounterSpy

    Real-time protection is configured from the button Active Protection.
    Protected items appear in a list. You can deactivate certain elements by clicking on the button:

    Tutorial et guide CounterSpy

    System Tools

    My PC Explorers

    My PC Explorers allows you to configure Windows elements such as startup programs, running processes, BHOS, LSP etc … This option is therefore intended for an advanced audience.
    The various configuration options are accessible from a menu on the left.

    My PC checkup

    My PC Checkup allows you to scan your computer to increase the security of it.
    After clicking on the button Scan to start the scan of your computer, you get a list of the elements at risk.
    Click on the button Check All at the bottom to select all these elements then click on the button Continue.
    CounterSpy will then correct these risks.

    History Cleaner

    History Cleaner allows you to delete the histories of different elements and programs of Windows in order to protect the confidentiality of your computer.
    After clicking on History Cleaner, the list of different histories is displayed, you can then check or uncheck the items you want to clean.
    The button Clean history then starts cleaning.

    Tutorial et guide CounterSpy


    From the Manage Quarantine menu you can manage quarantined files.
    These appear in the form of a list, by checking the elements you can:
    Delete items: Permanently remove selected item
    Remove items from quarantine:

    Note that the check all items button, you can select ALL the elements of the list
    Tutorial et guide CounterSpy


    CounterSpy’s settings are accessible from the top menu View then Settings.
    A menu on the left allows you to navigate in the various categories, we find in particular a good part of the configuration which was carried out by the configuration wizard after the installation phase.

    Tutorial et guide CounterSpy


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