12 Quiet Dog Breeds That Are Perfect Roommates For You

If you are living in an apartment and thinking about getting yourself a dog, you’ll need to be picky about the exact dog breed that will inhabit your private space. Constant barking is a sure-fire way to upset your neighborhood and get yourself in trouble. The good news is, this list of the quietest dog breeds will assist you with choosing the perfect dog roommate. Let’s take a look!

1. Basenji

As hunting dogs in Africa, Basenjis are known for their quietness. However, that doesn’t mean they are completely mute. If they want to speak up, they make a yodeling sound instead of barking. Anyway, they are much more silent than most of the other dog breeds.

2. Bernese Mountain Dog

Although the bernese mountain dog loves to spend its time as a social butterfly, it is actually a very tranquil dog breed. Thanks to their stable nature, the gentle giants work well with young families.

3. Pug

People love pugs, especially their adorable appearance and charming personality. When they feel extremely endangered or very hungry, they will bark. At all other times, all you can hear is their heavy breathing.

4. Chinese Shar-Pei

Originally, these wrinkly dogs were guard dogs in China. This doesn’t mean that they bark a lot. Quite the opposite, it is because they never bark for no reason. If they feel threatened or worried, they will bark to let you know.

5. English Bulldog

The reason is obvious… laziness. They spend most of their time eating, sleeping or being super lazy at something else. Only in extreme situations, will they bark.

6. French Bulldog

The same goes for the French version. The French bulldog is a happy apartment dweller because their playful nature doesn’t manifest in barking.

7. Borzoi

This greyhound-like dog breed is a relatively ancient one. They are described as « quiet and catlike », but if you are searching for a guard dog, you should look elsewhere because they cannot be trusted to alert you to any strangers.

8. Collie

Collies make a perfect silent indoor companion for apartment dwellers. They barely bark and only when they really have something very important to say. They are intelligent and extremely polite, but they require a lot of maintenance.

9. Saluki

The gorgeous Saluki is a silk-haired sighthound. Even though they may appear distant to strangers, they are a social and affectionate dog breed that doesn’t look for reasons to bark ceaselessly.

10. Golden Retriever

As the most popular dog breed today, the Golden Retriever is always friendly and energetic. They may let out a bark or two when they feel excited because their energy is channeled through running, walking, swimming and playing fetch. Apart from that, your home will be peaceful.

11. Whippet

This keen sighthound is highly disciplined with a docile temper. They love to snuggle on the sofa, so they are perfect for owners looking for silent dog breeds and especially for people living in apartments.

12. Italian Greyhound

As the smallest sighthound in the world, the Italian Greyhound is intelligent and fragile. But thankfully barking is rarely an issue. They prefer a placid living space.