20 Shelter Dogs On The Day They Are Adopted

If you ever consider bringing a dog into your life, the adoption shelter should be the first place you head to. The day a shelter dog gets adopted is one of the luckiest days of his life because they crave the love and companionship that it brings. Here are some photos taken at the exact moment they started their new life in their forever home!

1. He’s seen a lot of people come and go since his first day here. They looked at him and overlooked him. Well, not on this day, ‘cause a lucky person saw his inner beauty and welcomed him into their family.

2. These people seem really nice and clearly the new guy can’t wait to share the “family smile”.

3. He may not know where he is going or how long it’s going to take, but he knows you are going to love him. He trusts you, you can see it in his eyes.

4. Shelter life can be hard and lonely for dogs. But when you are holding them, they know that you truly care and that everything is going to be alright.

5. Shelter dogs have typically forgotten how to be a spoiled creature after such a long time of loneliness. Now he can have his stomach scratched by his new friend, whilst lying on her legs with his eyes closed. Bliss!

6. Leaving the loneliness behind, this dog doesn’t only get a new home but also gets to be with his buddy! What a stroke of luck.

7. The guy doesn’t care one bit where he is headed because he knows it’s going to be great. As long as he’s with his new family members.

8. It’s often been such a long time that the dogs have been in the shelter, that the outdoors seems really thrilling to them. The light in his eyes shows that he feels he is going on an adventure. Yay!

9. Ah, life is so good when you finally belong to and are loved by someone. This little guy is going to have fun on the green meadow and he doesn’t care what anyone thinks!

10. He couldn’t be more thrilled looking at his new friends. No more waiting, no more worrying, this is the new life that’s going to unfold!

11. This little guy seems a little shy here, but he is definitely happy to shake paws with her new owner. Oh, would you look at that smile? aww…

12. He knows he doesn’t have to worry anymore and he feels safe with his new family. So to celebrate, he decides to take a nap. Sweet dreams, I bet!

13. She just can’t contain her excitement because it’s lucky to have a new beginning. Good luck, Maya.

14. It takes a little time before they get used to their new families. But hey, once they know how great their new home is, they will let their guard down.

15. Finally, they can stretch out those stiff legs on their own beds instead of spending most of the time in a cage in the shelter.

16. They stand by you through thick and thin. If you’re going through a hard time, this ear-to-ear smile makes everything better.

17. This puppy likes his new owner so much that he wants to be by his side even when he is dozing off. Nothing is more adorable than this, and nowhere is warmer than here.

18. The guy seems to fit in the family really well. Oh, you can only imagine the adventures he and his little boy are going to have together.

19. Now you’ve got a buddy to do everything with, he’ll never complain and he’ll be there for you. Sometimes, you really don’t know who rescued who.

20. Exhausted from all the celebration? Now you can lie down and have a rest, preparing to enjoy your new life.