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How To Use Stock Trading Apps (Without Losing Your Shirt) ?

Ideally, when you’re looking at a stock trading app, you should gain access to all investment assets available. Afterall, a mobile stock app can serve as a great boost to your personal finance.

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Stock trading apps are designed to make investing easier and more accessible.

However, when it comes to trading stocks with a smartphone, there are specific features you should look for, including:

  •  Access on all iOS and Android devices
  •  Easy-to-use functionality
  •  Management of all investments on your mobile phone
  •  Access to buying and selling orders on your phone
  •  Investment and banking account management via your phone
  •  Fast and accurate trade execution
  •  Mobile accessible research and education tools
  • Access to fractional shares

How Much Money Do You Need to Get Started? ?


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If You Ever See Your Dog Doing This, They’re Trying To Tell You Something Very Important

Many dog owners will say their dogs understand them better than anyone else. It’s not just that they know when we’re sad when to stay close by, when we need affection, and when they’re feeling down. That’s only the beginning! The truth is, many dog owners don’t truly understand what their dog is trying to communicate. Sure, we know that when a dog wags its tail, it means it’s happy – but do we really know why?
dog smiling and licking

Dogs have deep psychology that’s as interesting as it is complex. and they have their own type of language. They bark, growl, or whine for many reasons.

Dogs are complex beings. It can be really hard to understand them. We’ve uncovered 17+ secrets about their psyche and revealed how you can get to know your canine best friend better than you ever did before.

High Energy After a Bath

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Dogs don’t always love baths right away. Sometimes, they’ll even fight and try to escape their owner’s grasp.

A wet dog is certainly not the most enjoyable thing in the world for them, but there are some occasions when they might be more than happy to get cleaned. When this happens, their energy levels will shoot through the roof and they will play up in a desperate attempt to dry off.

The last thing a dog wants at that very moment is to be wet and they’ll let the owner know. They’ll go crazy and be super-energetic which can be a lot of work.

Raising Bark

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Barking is an instinctual response for dogs and is a vital part of a dog’s communication, but people often misinterpret the meaning of it. What does it mean? More often than not, people are intimidated by a dog’s bark when they shouldn’t be.

When your dog starts barking, most people will automatically think that they are mad or they are scared. But if they start with a really soft bark before turning into a loud one, it’s usually just because they want to play.

Why Jumping On the Owner When They Arrive Home

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Your dog jumps up on you as soon as you walk in the door. What does this mean? This is arguably one of the most straightforward types of behavior on this list, and its meaning should come as no surprise. When you return home from a hard day’s work and the first thing you experience is your dog jumping on you, it tells that they’re happy to see you or they’re missing you.

Some dogs wait all day for their owners to return. They are so excited when they finally come back home, it’s like they can’t even believe it.

Why they do these Different Sleeping Positions

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Dogs sleep in various positions. One common one is when they sleep on their side. This position conveys to the owner that the dog trusts them and is comfortable around them.

Why do dogs sleep? Some doze on their stomachs. These are probably struggling to fall asleep. Others doze on their backs, which could mean they are hot. If your pup is holding up its paws, it might want to sleep in peace without being bothered.

Why Dogs Chase Their Tales

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You probably think your dog is hilarious when it chases its tail, but there is a reason behind the giggles. There are a variety of reasons why dogs play with their tails, but there’s nothing quite as fun as watching your pup in action.

The answer to this is actually not exactly straightforward.

Puppies are not born knowing that their tail is a part of their body. They treat it more like a toy. However, as puppies grow up they come to understand that it is indeed an appendage. So why do they keep wagging their tails?

While tail chasing and chewing can be a sign of illness – and if they happen too much, it’s worth going to the vet – it’s important to consider that this behavior isn’t always pathological. Dogs often do these things to please their people, and most of the time, they know what they’re doing.

Why Dogs Stick Their Heads Out of Car Windows

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Ever wondered why dogs like to stick their heads out of car windows? Well, it turns out that wind blowing into their faces feels really good. Who knew!

Well, researchers and scientists still don’t have a definitive answer to this question, but one prevalent explanation actually has very little to do with the way the wind feels on the dogs’ faces.

You see, if most people’s primary sense is sight, most dogs perceive the world through smell.

Dogs’ noses are about as big as a handkerchief, and they can smell better than most people. When dogs stick their head out the window of a car, they can smell everything in the world around them because of all of the air rushing into their nose.

Why Dogs Tilt Their Heads

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It’s no secret that dogs have a sharp sense of hearing, but just how good is it? Dogs can hear a wider range of sounds than humans, and they have 16 muscles in their ears that allow them to move and turn them to hear a specific sound more precisely.

You may think that dogs, with their excellent hearing, would never need to turn their heads to the side, but you’d be wrong. Just like we do, they sometimes need to turn their heads to the side in order to hear something.

Why Dogs Sit On Top of Your Toes

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Have you ever noticed how sometimes your dog likes to place themselves on top of your toes?

What’s up with dogs? They’re lovable, but sometimes their endearment can really get on your nerves. They might sit down right when you’re about to walk and make you stumble or they may just bring fur all over your white shoes. Why do they do this?

Our furry friends are always checking in on us, trying to make sure we’re okay. Dogs often want to feel close to their humans, but they also want to protect them. They can sense whether someone is calm or tense with their body touching theirs, and they use that information to stay safe.

Why Dogs Yawn

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Dog yawns are probably one of the most adorable things in the universe. However, there’s a lot more to a dog’s yawn than what meets the eye. Whether a dog yawn is just a yawn or a sign of something more, a dog will often yawn in different circumstances to tell you what they’re feeling.

Sometimes, dogs yawn to say “I’ve had enough.” If your dog is in the middle of a training session and begins to yawn, they want you to know they need a break. If your dog is in a stressful situation, like waiting in line, it’s not uncommon for them to yawn repeatedly.

Your dog yawns. This may mean they are bored, need a break, or are stressed.

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10 Unique Show and Tell Ideas for Kids

Here you can read about the 10 most unique show and tell ideas for kids.

Show and tell activities are an important exercise for preschoolers and school age children to develop their oral presentation skills, enhance their social skills, and help improve their self-esteem which can facilitate the development of a healthier self-concept, self-worth, and self-confidence. While different parents have different views on the importance of show and tell activities, they all agree on one thing – it is often a nerve-wracking yet truly exciting experience as children get to think creatively, out-of-the-box, and invite everyone else in the classroom to share in their own little world, even for about a minute or two. For parents who have kids in this stage of their lives, it is critical to support them with as many interesting and unique ideas as possible. And if you’ve run out of concepts, we’ve prepared something for you and your kid. Here are 10 unique show and tell ideas for kids to present in class.


Memory Jars 


Every kid has very fond memories of his or her childhood. It can be a trip to grandma’s house in the farm or perhaps a weekend camping by the riverside. Or, it could even be as simple as flying a kite on a windy day and having dad prop them on his shoulder so they could easily control their kite. These actually don’t have to be immortalized in pictures. What you can do is to ask your child to think of the many wonderful memories that he or she has. Now, give your child a jar or several small jars to put items that are related to the wonderful memory. For example, if your son really loved fishing with dad, he can place inside the jar a drawing or even a picture of a fish, a real fish hook, and even a section of a fishing line. This way, he will remember that particular moment when he caught his very first fish. And this can help put more realism to the show and tell activity. 

Photo Reportage 

Kids today are very prolific when it comes to technology. For sure, your kid may already have a kiddie camera if not a smartphone that he or she has used to snap pictures of things that are quite interesting to him or her. You can have these pictures printed and placed in a scrapbook or even in a flip chart. Your kid can then make a ‘report’ of what the picture is all about. He or she might even share the feelings your child may have had at the time of taking the picture. It is also possible to let your child choose a picture or a poster that he or she loves best and use this as a talking point in his or her show and tell.

Scrapbook of Maps

Traveling has never been this easy. Countries are easing their travel restrictions and are now opening their borders to a lot of foreign tourists. And even if your kid has not traveled abroad, he or she may have already visited a place other than yours. You can help your child collect maps of the places where you have visited or even passed through. Your kid will have to recall as much detail about the trip, though, to make the map-sharing experience a really memorable one. The great thing about making a scrapbook of maps is your kid gets to invite classmates and friends to ‘feel’ and ‘experience’ the joys of traveling even if they haven’t been to those places your kid has already been to.

Nature Walk

Mother Nature has a lot of beautiful and inspiring things to offer. Enjoying a nature walk with your kids can bring a host of benefits for them. They get to enjoy nature in its full splendor. They also get to breathe fresh air and appreciate everything else that the city simply lacks – wildlife, flowers, fresh air, rocks, trees, and many more. You can go on one of these trips and collect small items such as dried flowers, broken off twigs, and even loose feathers from birds. You can then help your child craft jewelry that incorporates these items. It can be a bracelet, a necklace, or even a ring. You will also have to be as creative in using these nature walk mementos as important elements to the jewelry that you are crafting. He or she can then show these jewelries in class and share the wonderful story behind each item.

Collage of Leaf Alphabet 

Forget the usual alphabet flash cards that teachers use today to teach kids. Instead, head to the garden or your backyard and collect some dried leaves. If you don’t have a backyard, you can always go to the park and ask the park supervisor if you can collect as many dried tree leaves as you can. Assist your child in making individual letter boards that depict an image that begins with that letter. The image should be designed with the dried leaves that you have collected. Complete the alphabet and your child should have a very interesting idea to share in class. Maybe his or her teachers might even adopt the project for other kids to complete.

Diorama of the Ocean 


This project might not suit everyone so you may need to think of an alternative to the ocean. The idea is to showcase the splendor of the ocean – seashells, marine life, aquatic plants, etc. If you can get hold of a large bivalve mollusk, you can turn this as both the background and base of your kid’s diorama. Be prepared to get some sand from the beach and complete it with a few other details that talk about the things that you see in the ocean and other bodies of water. The idea is to create a fascinating and truly compelling story in each seashell diorama so that other kids will also learn. For those who are far from the shores and may have never seen an ocean before, you may have to think about other bodies of water and the equally exciting ecosystem that thrives in these areas.

Bears Made of Seashells

It is quite a rare meeting a kid who doesn’t like a teddy bear. They’re cute, furry, and really adorable. And while the Grizzly, Brown, and Black bears are known for their raw power and fearsome reputation, there are other bears that are more docile. For this project, you will need empty seashells which you will use to design a koala or even a panda. To help your child, you may need to obtain a picture of what a koala or a panda looks like so he or she will have an idea on how to arrange the seashells. Also, you will need to supply your kid with art materials to put finishing touches to his or her koala or panda.

Stone Crafts 

Get several round-shaped yet flat pebbles or really small stones of increasing or decreasing size. Give your child painting materials and tools to create a ladybug design out of these pebbles. Now, lay out the stone ‘ladybugs’ in a line as if they are following one another on a large leaf. If you cannot get your hands on a large leaf, you can make a leaf cutout from a green construction paper. The image your child is trying to show and tell is that of a group of ladybugs marching from the base of a leaf all the way to its tip in search of their favorite food – aphids. Your child can then share with the class how ecologically important these bugs are as they eat insects that destroy crops.

Treasure Boxes

When people talk about treasures, it can mean a lot of things like gold bars, jewelry, pearls, and even ancient artifacts. For kids, these can be small trinkets and other stuff that adults won’t even consider as anything valuable. It can be their favorite trading card, a baseball, a teddy bear, a stuffed doll, or anything else that a child ‘values’. Making a treasure box is easy. You only need an empty shoebox and several pieces of paper. Paste the opposing ends of the paper to make one continuous sheet. Now fold it like an accordion and paste one end to the bottom of the shoebox and the other end of the paper to the underside of the shoebox cover. Take a picture of your child’s ‘treasures’ and paste them on each folded page. When your kid opens the lid, he or she will be treated to an accordion of personal treasures.

Mini Stories within a Book 

To make books within a book you will need a large photo album and several pieces of tickler or pocket notebooks. Your child will write his or her favorite stories in each of these pocket-sized notebooks. You will then help your kid glue the back cover of these ‘mini-books’ onto the pages of the album. One page should hold about 3 to 4 mini books, depending on the size that you’ll use. Your child can then share these stories in class.

There are plenty of ideas for a unique show and tell activity. The point is to look around you and try to create a fascinating story out of it. You don’t even have to go outside your home. All the things your kid need are right inside.


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« Best » Stock Trading Apps – July 2021 (Quick Reviews)

Looking to trade stocks, easily and at no cost, right from your phone?

You’re not alone.


Over the past four years, Robinhood’s user base has grown from 1 million to  10 million . Needless to say, people love an easy-to-use app for trading stocks and options seamlessly . ?

With the recent GameStop short squeeze debacle, a number of brokers have imposed trading restrictions on multiple stocks,  without warning . Naturally, this caused an uproar among retail investors (us the “little” guys).

But more importantly, we have all learned a crucial lesson: the broker we choose is the broker  we trust and we should be wary of whom we trust.

With the average investor in mind, we’ve delved into the fine print, spent days reading user agreements, and scoured brokerage websites for more details. We wanted to find out who you can trust.

Here are the results of our research.

The best stock trading apps in 2021


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