« Best » Stock Trading Apps – July 2021 (Quick Reviews)

6. E * Trade – The easiest-to-use stock broker app for trading

E * Trade application user interface design and options.
E * Trade makes online investing super easy with an accessible and user-friendly trading platform

E * Trade was the first in the online investment platform market. With its roots in Silicon Valley and online trading technology, the company has made a name for itself by offering online trading when there were no other options.

Now E * Trade has a mobile trading app and leads the pack in terms of advanced features. Since the abolition of commission fees for stock exchange transactions and transactions in ETFs, E * Trade is the application of the easiest way to view your investments and trade stocks seamlessly on your phone.


  • ETF and stock trading without commission
  •  Streaming strategy options chains are a great tool for making smart trades
  •  For futures traders, E * Trade provides a mobile futures scale tool
  •  Evaluate your risk with performance tools that allow you to test your portfolio or a single asset


  • Some features are not available in the standard mobile app, like the Power E * Trade app which provides more research tools
  • Slightly higher fees with some investment products, and you must have a higher trading frequency to qualify for lower commissions
  • Higher margin rates
  • Does not integrate with your bank


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