« Best » Stock Trading Apps – July 2021 (Quick Reviews)

Looking to trade stocks, easily and at no cost, right from your phone?

You’re not alone.


Over the past four years, Robinhood’s user base has grown from 1 million to  10 million . Needless to say, people love an easy-to-use app for trading stocks and options seamlessly . 📈

With the recent GameStop short squeeze debacle, a number of brokers have imposed trading restrictions on multiple stocks,  without warning . Naturally, this caused an uproar among retail investors (us the “little” guys).

But more importantly, we have all learned a crucial lesson: the broker we choose is the broker  we trust and we should be wary of whom we trust.

With the average investor in mind, we’ve delved into the fine print, spent days reading user agreements, and scoured brokerage websites for more details. We wanted to find out who you can trust.

Here are the results of our research.

The best stock trading apps in 2021


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