play PS2 games from a network (SMB) with OPL


Thanks to the FreeMCBoot exploit and the Open PS2 Loader (OPL) application, it is now possible to play your PS2 games from a local network.

There are many advantages:

  • You no longer need to transfer your PS2 games to a USB key or the internal drive of the PS2, Open PS2 Loader will directly search for the games on a computer on your local network
  • Playing games over the network is much faster (12.5MB / s) than playing via a USB stick (1.5MB / s)
  • You do not damage the lens of your PS2


In this tutorial we will see how play PS2 games from PC, NAS or network drive thanks to the SMB and Open PS2 Loader (OPL) protocol.


Play PS2 games over a network (SMB)

To play a PS2 game from a computer, 3 steps are necessary :

  1. Create ISOs of your PS2 games and store them in a folder on your computer
  2. Share the folder that contains the ISOs of your PS2 games
  3. Start the Open PS2 Loader (OPL) application on the PS2. OPL starts network connection and retrieves all PS2 games from shared folder

Create the ISO directory

First step, we must create on our computer a directory with the ISOs of our PS2 games:

  1. Create a new folder where your PS2 games and the OPL configuration will be stored.
  2. Inside this folder, create two folders CD and DVD. PS2 games on CD will be placed in the CD folder, PS2 games on DVD in the DVD folder.
  3. Create ISO images (backups) of your PS2 games using ImgBurn.
  4. Copy the ISOs of your PS2 games to CD and DVD folders depending on the type of game disc.
  5. Download then unzip the archive of OPL Manager.
  6. Run OPL_Manager.exe.
  7. At startup, choose the language, activate the automatic search for updates and then select the following options:
    • Fashion : Normal (iso + ul.cfg)
    • Path : the path to the folder of your PS2 games

  8. Click on Save.
  9. OPL Manager tells you that some files are missing. Click on okay then on Yes so that OPL Manager automatically creates them for you.
  10. If OPL Manager displays the message “X bad named ISO’s! Showing Bad ISO tab! “is that some ISOs are misnamed, which may prevent OPL from reading them correctly. Click on okay.
  11. For each misnamed PS2 game, click the button Get title from DB then on Try update file name and finally on Yes.
  12. Take the opportunity to rename the titles (Rename), download the covers (Batch Actions > ART Download) and configure the compatibility modes (Edit CFG) (see OPL Game Compatibility List) for each PS2 game.
  13. Close OPL Manager.

Step 1 completed: the folder containing our PS2 games + the OPL configuration has been created. Now we need to share it on the network so that the PS2 OPL application can access it.

Configure the shared folder on Windows

In this part, we are going to share the PS2 folder on the network:

  1. In Windows, activate the feature SMB 1.0 / CIFS server in the Settings > Apps and features> Optional features> More Windows features.
  2. Restart your computer for the changes to take effect.
  3. Open the Network and Sharing Center :
    • via the Settings > Network and Internet> Status> Network and Sharing Center
    • via Control Panel> Network and Internet> Network and Sharing Center

  4. In the left column, select Change advanced sharing settings.
  5. In the profile of your network connection (current profile), check the following options:
    • Enable network discovery
    • Enable automatic configuration of devices connected to the network
    • Enable file and printer sharing

  6. In All networks, verify that Enable password protected sharing is activated.
  7. Click on Save Changes.
  8. Create a new user PS2SMB with netplwiz.
  9. Right click your PS2 directory> Properties then click on the button Share.
  10. Add user PS2SMB, give him the rights Readind, writing then click on Share.
  11. Click on the button Advanced sharing, Check the box Share this folder then name the share PS2SMB.
  12. Click on the button Authorizations, add the user PS2SMB then tick the boxes Total control, Edit and Reading.
  13. Click on okay three times to return to File Explorer.

Step 2 completed: the folder containing your PS2 games + the OPL configuration is now shared on the network. All we have to do is launch OPL on your PS2!

Play a PS2 game from the network with OPL

To play a PS2 game over the network with OPL, follow these instructions:

  1. Connect the PS2 to your box / router with a Ethernet cable.
  2. Turn on your PS2 then launch Open PS2 Loader (OPL).
  3. Open the main menu with START.
  4. In Settings, put ETH Device Start Mode sure Manual or Auto (if you want OPL to automatically load the PS2 games from the network).
  5. In Network Settings, configure SMB Server as follows:
    • Address Type : IP
    • Address : the IP address of the computer where the shared PS2 folder is located. To find out, enter ipconfig at the command prompt:
    • Harbor : 445
    • Share : PS2SMB
    • User : PS2SMB
    • Password : the password of the user PS2SMB

  6. Return to the menu, select Save Changes to save the changes.
  7. Go to the Games List by pressing .
  8. Go to the menu ETH Games with the directional cross. Press on to start the SMB client if you have set ETH Games to Manual.
  9. OPL loads all the PS2 games present in the shared folder on your computer.
  10. Select a ps2 game then press to launch it!

Congratulations! You are now playing your PS2 games from PC, NAS or network drive via SMB thanks to FreeMCBoot and OPL. ?

Check if a PS2 game is SMB compatible

To check if a PS2 game is SMB compatible:

  1. Go to the web page:
  2. In Device, select SMB.
  3. In Search, enter the name of the PS2 game.
  4. Refer to game code then check whether the game is SMB compatible or not.

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