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Thanks to the FreeMCBoot exploit and the Open PS2 Loader (OPL) application, it is now possible to play your PS2 games from a simple USB key.

Everything is very simple to set up: you just have to copy the ISO images of your PS2 games to a USB key, insert the USB key on your PS2, launch the OPL application and voila, the joy of it all. be able to play your PS2 games from a USB stick!


In this tutorial we will see how play PS2 games from USB stick with Open PS2 Loader (OPL).


Play PS2 games from a USB flash drive

Copy the games to the USB stick

First step, we need to copy the ISOs of our PS2 games to the USB stick:

  1. Format the USB drive using the file system FAT32 (if it is not done yet).
  2. Create two folders CD and DVD at the root of the USB stick. PS2 games on CD will be placed in the CD folder, PS2 games on DVD in the DVD folder.
  3. Create ISO images (backups) of your PS2 games using ImgBurn.
  4. Copy the ISOs of your PS2 games to CD and DVD folders depending on the type of game disc.
  5. If the ISO image of your PS2 game is larger than 4 GB, you will notice that you cannot copy it to the USB drive, you have the error message “File too large” displayed.
    This is due to the FAT32 file system which cannot accommodate files larger than 4 GB. To copy your PS2 game larger than 4 GB to the USB stick, you will have to cut it with USBUtil:

    1. Download then unzip the archive of USBUtil.
    2. Run the file USBUtil v2.2 rev1.0_English.exe, Press on okay while booting.
    3. Click File> Create GAME from ISO.
    4. Enter the following information then click on the button Create :
      1. Source: theISO image PS2 game
      2. Destination: the drive letter of the USB key
      3. Media: DVD

    5. When the copy is complete, your PS2 game will appear in the main USBUtil window.
    6. Repeat for all games over 4 GB.
  6. Eject your USB drive.

Step 1 completed: you have copied the ISOs of your PS2 games to the USB stick. In order for OPL to be able to read them, they must be correctly named. This is what we are going to check.

Naming games with OPL Manager

To check if the ISOs are named correctly, follow these instructions:

  1. Download then unzip the archive of OPL Manager.
  2. Run OPL_Manager.exe.
  3. At startup, choose the language, activate the automatic search for updates and then select the following options:
    • Fashion : Normal (iso + ul.cfg)
    • Path: the drive letter of the USB key

  4. Click on Save.
  5. If OPL Manager displays the message “X bad named ISO’s! Showing Bad ISO tab! “is that some ISOs are misnamed, which may prevent OPL from reading them correctly. Click on okay.
  6. For each misnamed PS2 game, click the button Get title from DB then on Try update file name and finally on Yes.
  7. Take the opportunity to rename the titles (Rename), download the covers (Batch Actions > ART Download) and configure the compatibility modes (Edit CFG) (see OPL Game Compatibility List) for each PS2 game.
  8. Close the software.

Step 2 completed: you have checked and corrected the names of the ISO files. All you have to do is start the PS2 games with Open PS2 Loader!

Play a PS2 game with OPL

To play a PS2 game from a USB stick with OPL, follow these instructions:

  1. Insert the USB drive into your PS2.
  2. Start your PS2 then launch Open PS2 Loader (OPL).
  3. Open the main menu with START.
  4. Select Settings then configure as follows:
    • Check USB Game Fragmentation: We
    • USB Device Start Mode: Auto (if you want OPL to automatically load the PS2 games to the USB stick at startup) or Manual
    • Default Menu: USB Games (if you want OPL to open the “USB Games” menu at startup)

  5. Return to the menu, select Save Changes to save the changes.
  6. Go to the Games List by pressing .
  7. Go to the menu USB Games with the directional cross.
  8. Configure the compatibility modes for your PS2 games (see OPL Game Compatibility List) by going to Game Menu > Game Settings.
    Remember to save the changes by selecting Save Changes.
  9. Select a ps2 game then press to launch it!

Congratulations! You are now playing your PS2 games from a USB stick thanks to FreeMCBoot and OPL. ?

Check if a PS2 game is USB compatible

To check if a PS2 game is USB stick compatible:

  1. Go to the web page:
  2. In Device, select Usb.
  3. In Search, enter the name of the PS2 game.
  4. Refer to game code then check whether the game is USB compatible or not.

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