Rip a PS2 game via the console’s CD / DVD drive

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With FreeMCBoot and the HDLGameInstaller app, you can rip, copy and install a PS2 game to the internal hard drive using the console’s CD / DVD drive.

Ripping a PS2 game via the console’s CD / DVD drive eliminates the need to create an ISO image of your game first and then have to transfer it via USB or network.

This operation takes about 20 minutes depending on the size of the PS2 game.

In this tutorial we will see how install a PS2 game via the console’s CD / DVD drive using the HDLGameInstaller application.




  • The disc (CD / DVD) of a PS2 game
  • A PlayStation 2 Fat (SCPH-3000x, SCPH-3500x, SCPH-3700x, SCPH-3900x, SCPH-5000x or SCPH-5500x)
  • A PS2 network adapter:
    • Sony SCPH-10350 or Sony SCPH-10281 (PATA / IDE port for hard drive + Ethernet port for network)
    • GameStar Network Adaptator (SATA port for hard drive)
  • A hard drive of 2 TB maximum formatted in PFS:
    • PATA / IDE (for Sony network adapter)
    • SATA (for GameStar Network Adapter or Sony Network Adapter with PATA / IDE to SATA Upgrade Kit)
  • A USB key (if possible avoid the Kingston brand which poses compatibility problems with the PS2)
  • A PS2 memory card with FreeMCBoot : PS2: install FreeMCBoot on a PS2 Fat PS2: install FreeMCBoot on a PS2 Slim

Rip a PS2 game to hard drive

To rip a PS2 game to the console’s internal hard drive with HDLGameInstaller, follow these instructions:

  1. Download HDLGameInstaller.
  2. Unzip the HDLGameInstaller archive.
  3. Format the USB drive using the file system FAT32 (if it is not done yet).
  4. In the file PS2, copy the file HDLGameInstaller.elf as well as the file lang on the USB stick.
  5. Insert the USB key into one of the PS2’s USB ports.
  6. Turn on the PS2 with the memory card containing FMCB. This automatically loads FMCB.
  7. Open LaunchELF.
  8. Launch HDLGameInstaller by selecting File Browser (○) mass: / HDLGameInstaller.elf.
  9. Insert your PS2 game disc into the console’s CD / DVD drive.
  10. In HDLGameInstaller, tap START to start the rip of the PS2 game.
  11. Enter the full name of the game, the title that will appear in the menu and select the necessary compatibility modes (see here the modes to select according to the PS2 game) then click on following.
  12. Confirm by selecting okay.
  13. Leave the default icon then select okay.
  14. Confirm by selecting okay.
  15. Wait while HDLGameInstaller installs your PS2 game on the hard drive.
  16. Here, your PS2 game has been copied to the hard drive of the console.

Congratulations! You have ripped a PS2 game to the console hard drive using HDLGameInstaller. ?

All you have to do is launch the Open PS2 Loader application to play your game!

Play a PS2 game from the hard drive

To play a ripped PS2 game with the console’s CD / DVD drive and installed on the internal hard drive, check out this tutorial:

PS2: Play PS2 Games from Internal Hard Drive with OPL

Useful links

  • PS2: copy your games to the hard drive via Windows
  • PS2: copy your games to the hard drive via the network
  • PS2: play PS2 games from USB stick with OPL
  • PS2: Play PS2 games from a network (SMB) with OPL

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